Guitar supports and footstools

If you play a nylon strung (classical) guitar, you will need either a guitarist’s footstool or a guitar support to raise it up to the correct playing position.

Guitarist’s footstool

This is a small, adjustable stool, usually made of metal with a rubber tread (wooden footstools are available, but much more expensive than the metal variety). Assuming that the player is right-handed, he or she places his or her left foot on the stool while the right foot stays on the floor, and rests the ‘waist’ of the guitar on the raised left leg.


Any shop that sells guitars should be able to provide you with a footstool, and they are available online (Stags are a reliable brand). I have a small stock of footstools available for my own students at £5.50 each. If you'd like one, please ask at your next lesson

Guitar supports

Guitar supports come in various designs. Instead of raising the guitarist’s left leg, as a footstool does, they raise the guitar from the leg with both feet resting normally on the floor. This more natural position makes the support a better option than the footstool for serious players – but they’re also a lot more expensive, and many designs don’t come in children’s sizes.

I use an Ergoplay support, which is available in a size to fit children, and the Gitano support is also useful as it folds down and can remain permanently attached to the guitar (so is less likely to get lost).


  • Stafford Guitars, Ergoplay Tappert guitar support, child: £24.00 + vat + p&p
  •, Ergoplay Tappert guitar support, child: £26.33 inc. vat & p&p
  •   Gitano guitar support: £28.00 + p&p

I provide a footstool in my studio, so children using a footstool at home will not need to bring theirs in on lesson days; anyone who uses a support will probably prefer to bring it with them rather than switch to a footstool for lessons.

Steel string acoustic guitars don’t need a support or footstool, because the playing position is different. If you’re not sure which kind of guitar your child has, please email me for advice.